About PowerTüls

Our Mission

Howdy DIY’er! 

When I started working with power tools, I had no idea what to buy. And let’s face it…they’re expensive AF.

I thought I needed to buy every tool known to man, but boy was I wrong. 

So I thought it made sense to share my experiences here along with the help from my buddy Tom. 

We hope you can learn from our experiences while saving time and money.

shelf full of power tools


Zach Z.

Zach is an avid outdoorsman and power tool enthusiast. His interest in tools led to the creation of “PowerTüls”. When not working on this website, you can find Zach MIG welding, using lathes, and fabricating various items.

Zach’s favorite tools: welders, pipe benders, jackhammers, and all gas powered saws

Tom S.

Tom specializes in the home design, construction, tools, and automotive industries. Tom has written for several online blogs and magazines including Next Luxury, The Drive, Car Bibles, and BobVila.com. In addition to getting outside on his mountain bike and fishing, Tom obsesses over the finer points of power tools.

Tom’s favorite tools: His Dewalt circular saw, his classic Craftsman 9-Inch table saw, and his late grandfather’s 20oz Stanley claw hammer

Headshot of Zach Z
Tom S A Writer For PowerTuls