10 Best Electric Chainsaws Reviewed In 2020

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In the woodcutting industry, corded electric chainsaws are one on the most essential tools in your arsenal. They’re popular for taking on projects like tree pruning, limbing, bucking, and producing firewood. However, recent advancements have added to this tool’s versatility.

Typically, when people think of chainsaws, they think of loud noisy engines that release plumes of blue smoke when used. But, if you’re after a corded electric chainsaw, you get the benefit of a tool that is much cleaner, quieter, and lighter. Which one is best?

We’ll detail everything you want to know about finding the best electric chainsaw.

TL;DR – Our Top 3 Picks

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Everything You Need To Know About An Electric Chainsaw

A corded electric chainsaw offers the power of a chainsaw with a consistent power output for reliability, something that battery powered chainsaws lack. You simply plug the cord in and electricity is used to power the blade. The saw produces enough power to tackle light or medium-duty tasks around the home and yard.

They’re more lightweight, and this makes them less intimidating to someone who has never used a chainsaw. Additionally, the lighter weight reduces operator fatigue. Electric chainsaws run quieter and don’t expel those noxious odors when running, unlike gas chainsaws. Their blades also come in different sizes, making them adaptable to numerous cutting situations.

1. Oregon CS1500 18 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

The Oregon model gives you an 18-inch guide bar and a PowerSharp chain. This feature reduces your downtime by allowing you to sharpen the saw in three seconds or fewer.

It has an instant start capability that makes it user-friendly. The chain break on this saw is designed to provide improved operator safety during each use. This pick features a quick assembly so that you can get right to your project.

It’s designed to be silent between cuts.

There are no pull cords, no warm-ups, no emissions, and no gas-oil mixing required. It’s lightweight and balanced with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold. The handle uses an overmold design that allows for different grips. It weighs just over 12 pounds and has a low profile.

The 15-amp rating is powerful enough to tackle small and large projects without falter.


  • Lightweight design
  • Has an automatic oiler
  • Has a tool-less tensioning system


  • Bar can wobble when you cut with the tip
  • Have to continually re-tighten the chain

2. Black and Decker CS1518 Chainsaw

The easy to handle Black and Decker chainsaw features a powerful 15-amp motor that takes on small to medium projects without a problem.

The 18-inch blade has a low kickback bar and chain equipped for safety. It uses an automatic oiling system that keeps the chain running without snagging or sticking. You’ll be able to use a knob to tension your chain without the use of any tools, which is especially important when you’re working in remote areas.

The chain break feature improves operator safety and the clear oil reservoir window gives excellent visibility to ensure you don’t run out and damage the motor. The corded design removes a lot of the weight a battery pack or gas reservoir would add, and, thus, reduces your fatigue levels.


  • Weighs under 12 pounds
  • Handle has a closed design
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Has a tool-less chain tensioning system


  • Have to buy a cord
  • Burns a lot of oil

3. WORX WG305.1 Chainsaw

The eight-amp motor on this electric corded chainsaw allows you to take on small or medium-sized projects around the yard with ease.

It comes with an auto tensioned chain system that will keep the saw working smoothly from start to finish, thereby reducing downtime and increasing productivity. There is also an oil level indicator that will ensure you don’t accidentally run low and burn out the motor.

The oil tank can hold up to four fluid ounces at a time.

The bar length is 14 inches to expand your reach. Additionally, the saw has a chain brake safety feature to reduce the possibility of an accident. It has a very durable and lightweight build that lets you work for hours at a time.

The rugged design ensures the chainsaw will last for years without failing or parts breaking off.


  • Features a low maintenance design that auto-tensions the chain
  • Rubberized overgrip on the handle keeps you comfortable
  • Has a tool-free chain tensioning system


  • Has a lower amp motor
  • Chain oil pump is in an awkward spot

4. Makita UC4051A Chainsaw

The soft start feature with the large trigger switch makes starting this tool a quick and easy process every time it’s used.

The rubberized grip makes it easy to handle for longer projects. Additionally, the handle has an ergonomic design that allows it to be held in several positions.

The saw uses a tool-less blade and chain adjustments that make maintenance easy and convenient.

The larger oil reservoir has a clear indicator window to ensure you never run out. The built-in current limiter protects the chainsaw’s engine from burning out or getting damaged.

The saw will automatically reduce the power output as the chainsaw starts to overheat. You get a full year warranty when you purchase this product which protects from defects or damage. Finally, it has a larger metal spike bar that maximizes your productivity.


  • Has a tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Comes with a full year warranty
  • Produces zero emissions when in use
  • Large trigger switch makes startup easy


  • Oil reservoir can leak
  • Cord is short and restrictive

5. Remington RM1425 Corded Chainsaw

Excellent for small projects, this tool weighs in at just over six pounds. It has a very compact design with a 12-inch bar length that makes it easy to transport from job to job.

The eight-amp motor gives the saw enough power to cut through small branches with ease. The trigger start makes getting this saw up and running quick and easy every time. The trigger is also slightly larger which is easy to grip.

There is a push button oiling system that makes it simple to keep the chain lubricated between uses. The external tension adjuster keeps the chain at the correct tension levels. A wraparound handguard, with a rubberized grip, makes it comfortable to hold.

There is no assembly required with this saw and it’s ready to go straight from the box.


  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase
  • Produces no sound or smell when it idles
  • Weighs in at just over six pounds


  • Collects dust in the sprocket area
  • Have to hold down the power trigger the whole time you use it

6. Sun Joe SWJ599E Chainsaw

This electric handheld chainsaw has a low kickback to ensure you stay safe while in use. There is a built-in safety switch that prevents you from accidentally starting the chainsaw when you’re not ready.

The automatic oiling system has an oil indicator window that will keep the chain lubricated while preventing burnout. This electric chainsaw features a 14-inch blade that will help you reach higher branches. The nine-amp motor gives enough power to cut through smaller branches.

There is a short extension cord hook on the back of this saw. The shorter cord makes storing it easy, and you can pick any length cord you like to attach to it.

It’s almost eight pounds, and the compact design gives you excellent maneuverability. There is a plastic blade cover to protect the saw while in storage.


  • Can cut branches up to 13.5-inches thick
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Easy to store between uses


  • Has a weak and thin bar stud
  • Chain tensioning system isn’t reliable

7. WEN 4017 Electric Saw

The 12-amp motor on this tool rotates the chain up to 44 feet per second.

It has a lightweight design that lets you use the saw for hours at a time without experiencing fatigue. The saw runs quietly, which is nice for jobs in crowded areas or around your own neighborhood. Once you plugged in, you will be ready to work on your small to medium-sized projects.

There is an automatic oiling system to keep the chain rotating smoothly. The tool-free chain change system makes it easy to keep your project on track. Weighing in at 10 pounds, it is a scabbard for easy and safe transport.

When you buy this system, you’ll also get a full two-year warranty, protecting from defects or damage.


  • Two-year warranty included
  • 12-amp motor
  • Has a cable strain relief notch


  • Chain blade is cheaper
  • Tensioning system is plastic

8. Ivation Electric Saw

The Ivation chainsaw comes with a built-in chain brake and kickback bar to improve safety levels.

The assembly and maintenance process is quick and easy due to the tool-free build. You’ll be able to switch out the blade and tighten the chain with minimal downtime. It comes with an Oregon chain which are very durable and high-quality.

The 15-amp motor is powerful enough to cut through small, medium, and large branches.

The Ivation has an automatic oiling feature that keeps the chain lubed, plus it comes with a bonus oil bottle that makes adding more oil to the reservoir easy. This saw has a 16-inch bar and an emergency brake feature built in to stop the blade in an emergency. It also includes a safety cover for easy storage.


  • Has several built-in safety features
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Powerful 15-amp motor


  • Not powerful enough to cut dense foliage
  • Chain replacement is difficult


The Teccpo has a 15-amp motor that spins the blade up to 49 feet per second. The corded design delivers steady and strong power that will help you keep your job on track. It comes equipped with an automatic oiler and a window that allows you to check the level as you work. It has a lightweight and compact design that makes tackling larger projects easy.

There is dual security protection on this tool.

It has a safety button and a mechanical brake to prevent accidental starts. There is a tool-less chain tensioner system that adjusts the tension by turning a dial. There is also a low-kickback feature as well.

The Teccpo has a 16-inch blade to extend your reach and the cord retention system prevents the chainsaw from accidentally unplugging when moved around.


  • Low kickback
  • Offers dual security protection
  • Lightweight at under 11 pounds


  • Chain adjustment can be tricky
  • Instructions are lacking

10. Remington RM1645

You’ll get a 16-inch reduced-kickback bar on this chainsaw.

The powerful 12-amp motor can help you tackle small and medium-sized projects. It’s compact and lightweight enough to use for extended periods without getting tired. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and has a rubber overmold that provides padding.

Additionally, the enclosed handle lets you hold it in multiple grip positions, comfortably. It has a sleek black and orange coloring that is easy to see.

There is an external tensioning screw on the outside of the saw. The automatic chain oiler in conjunction with the oil level sight ensures proper lubrication.

The Remington comes fully assembled out of the box and has a two-year limited warranty from the purchase date.


  • Has an external adjustment screw
  • Wraparound handle guard
  • Two-year limited warranty included


  • Has plastic gears
  • Struggles to cut larger branches

How Does An Electric Chainsaw Work?

In 1926, Andreas Stihl developed the world’s first electric chainsaw.

Since then, there have been dozens of improvements and updates to the original design that make it a more user-friendly, safe, and convenient tool. There are two major components of this tool.

A saw blade, also known as a chain, that wraps around a longer metal bar and a small electric motor.

The chain slots around a set of sprockets. These sprockets are gear wheels that make the chain turn. There are sharp teeth studded along the sides in set intervals.

If you were to look inside the engine, you’d see a piston moving. This is the piece that pushes on a connection rod and forces it to turn, moving a crankshaft. The crankshaft is the piece that makes the gears move, and the gears connect to the sprockets. This system makes the chain spin and slice through your medium.

The electric version uses cutting chains like the gas-powered versions do and you’ll have to sharpen the chain regularly to keep the saw working at peak levels.

After a few years of heavy use, you’ll have to replace the chain as it will eventually stretch, sag, and loosen against your guide bar. If not tightened properly, the chain will slip off the bar.

Almost all electric versions have an automatic chain tensioning system, keeping the chain tight throughout your job.

Corded vs Cordless Chainsaw

One of the biggest differences between these two types of chainsaws is the power source. In a corded saw, the power comes from an electrical outlet via an extension cord. This is nice because it gives you a reliable and consistent power source. It also eliminates some of the weight and balance issues you see with other types of chainsaws which run on batteries.

In turn, you can use it much longer without experiencing fatigue.

A cordless chainsaw runs on batteries or gasoline. Batteries can give you a few hours of run-time, but they add extra weight to the back end of the saw. This makes getting a good balance difficult, and it increases the risk for error.

Gasoline is another option, and it gives you more run-time. However, gasoline-powered chainsaws emit blue smoke and odor as they run.

Proper Electric Chainsaw Maintenance

Although this type of chainsaw usually won’t be as expensive as other types, it’s still an investment.

You have to take care of it in order for it to last. If you don’t, you won’t get nearly as much use out of it as a well-maintained one. There are several things you can do to maintain your saw. The biggest things include:

  • Clean the Chain – Eventually, the lubrication system will cause clogs in the chain. It’ll get caked with grease, dust, and small debris that hinder how well it works. To clean the chain, you’ll need a soft rag and a can of compressed air. Spray the compressed air into the oil discharge hole and along the chain itself. Use your rag to wipe the chain and blade clean.
  • Switch Extension Cords – Use the proper extension cord for the job you take on. Indoor and outdoor extension cords have different durability levels. You want your cord to match the environment to prevent it from fraying or shorting out. If you notice wiring sticking out, change out the cord for a new one.
  • Chainsaw Bar – The chainsaw bar has a groove you’ll want to clean regularly. Check the edges of the bar to see if it’s dull or not. If the bar wears out, cracks, or breaks, toss it away and get a new one. This will help hold your chain in place more firmly.
  • Oil Reservoir – Never allow your oil reservoir to go dry when you use the chainsaw. If you do, this can cause the motor to burn out. Double-check that there are no debris or oil buildup clogging the reservoir, and remove them if you see them.

Give your chainsaw a light clean after each use. Check all of the switches to ensure they’re in good working order. On occasion, check that the bigger parts of the chainsaw are in good shape. If you see a problem, replace or repair them.

Electric Chainsaw Safety

When you compare gas-powered chainsaws to their electric counterparts, there are several factors you have to consider. The first is how they handle.

Electric models are typically much lighter. This makes it easier to carry around and hold. There’s no messy gasoline mixing involved either. Instead, you plug and go.

You do want to wear ear and eye protection when you run the saw, even though they run quieter. Eye protection will prevent debris from flying back in your eyes and is a must. Also, be mindful of any safety features the saw has and know how to use them.

Before you switch it on, double-check the oil level and chain tension. The oil reservoir should be full or mostly full. The chain should be tight against the bar to prevent slippage. Consider buying a pair of chainsaw chaps to protect your legs.

Check the power cord as well. It should be in good condition and designed for the environment it will be used in.

Ensure you have a good understanding of general chainsaw safety before you begin any cutting.


An electric chainsaw is a must-have for any DIYer or business owner who routinely takes on small to medium-sized outdoor projects. They offer a convenience that you can’t get with other models. Their lightweight and compact design is great for extended use.

Electric chainsaws are generally safer than their gas-powered counterparts and have better balance.

Finally, they produce no emissions while running quieter. We invite you to compare our picks for the best electric chainsaws and find the one that will work best for your needs.

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